Fête de la Chanson Monégasque
Genre Pop music, etc.
Location(s) Monaco
Years active 2015–present
Founded by Télé Monte Carlo (TMC)

Fête de la Chanson Monégasque is the Monegasque national selection for the Eurovision Song Contest Tengaged which selects the Monegasque entry for the Eurovision Song Contest Tengaged.

The contest is always held in Montecarlo, one of the most important part of Monaco. The main spoken language is French, although Spanish, Italian and English are also spoken in the contest.


The overall voting is based on 10% Televoting and 90% jury voting, although the rules might change every edition.


Eight winners have been crowned in total of the contest. The most of the winners have obtained good places in the final in overall and all of them have a 100% rate qualification.

# Language Artist Song Edition Results
Final Semi
#01 Italian Dolcenera "Accendi Lo Spirito" ESCT #07 18th 10th
#02 Spanish
Kendji Girac "Color Gitano" ESCT #08 5th 5th
#03 French TAL "Marcher au Soleil" ESCT #10 21th AQ
#04 French Sarah Riani "Comme Toi" ESCT #12 11th 1st
#05 French Cheraze & Tunisiano "Promets Pas La Lune" ESCT #14 2nd 7th
#06 English Vanessa Amorosi "This Is Who I Am" ESCT #15 15th AQ
#07 French Megan "Sous Ma Peau" ESCT #17 10th 4th
#08 French Marie-Mai "Comme Avant" ESCT #19 23rd 6th
#09 English and French Sasha "Alive" ESCT #21 5th 3rd
#10 Spanish Kendji Girac "Sonrisa" ESCT #22 10th AQ
#11 English Marina D'Amico "Feelings" ESCT #24 21st 9th

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