Festival Di San Marino 03
Official Logo
Final 15/05/2016 - 20/05/2016
Venue San Marino
Presenter(s) Valentina Monetta
Broadcaster Logo-share
Entries 2
System 100% Televote
Winner Flag of Italy "Niente É Come Noi"
Festival Di San Marino
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Festival Di San Marino 3 was the third edition of the Sanmarinese national selection that determinated San Marino's entry for the Eurovision Song Contest Tengaged 20. The final was held in the Teatro Nuovo di San Marino once again, where two Italian strong artists competed.

After four editions with no Festival Di San Marino and due to the bad results from previous editions because of the internal selection, it was decided to recover the festival and give a try. After knowing the winner of the third edition of FDSM, a fourth edition is confirmed with a variation in the rules introducing a jury vote.

The winning song was "Niente É Come Noi" by Rakele. In Eurovision Song Contest 20, it got the 17th place in the 1st semifinal with 25 points.

Songs and artists

# Artist(s) Song
(English translation)
Flag of Unknown
1 Rakele "Niente É Come Noi" (Nothing Like Us) Flag of Italy
2 Zero Assoluto "Di Me e Di Te" (From Me and From You)

Grand Final

# Singer Song Place Televote
1 Flag of Italy Rakele "Niente É Come Noi" 1 60%
2 Flag of Italy Zero Assoluto "Di Me e Di Te" 2 40%

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